Sueno      X        Reo 
Swan Creek Patrick is a March, 2010 Andalusian Cremello colt by Sueno and out or Reo.  Patrick will be registered as Partbred Andalusian only because his dam is an unregistered cremello Andalusian mare.  Reo is a purebred Andalusian mare, but because of her coloring she could not be registered as her color was not accepted into the Andalusian Registry until recently, making Patrick, a purebred Andalusian.   Patrick is a very even tempered and kind colt that will be a stand out  in any show ring and an excellent cross for Sporthorses of any type!
Proudly Offered for Sale.
Photo's courtsey of Swancreek Andalusians
| Cremello/perlino Stallion
 imported from Spain |
| Cremello/Champagne?
 Spanish Mare |
Photo's taken by Naomi Kissling
International Andalusian & Lustino Horse Association 
IAHLA #H008186
 Sueno      X        Reo